Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Q is for...

There are no Qs worthy of a top 10, but here are a dozen or so also rans, all under false prentences: Queen, who were actually not so bad in moderation; Quantum Jump; a couple of techno acts, Quasar and Q-Burns Abstract Message; Quicksilver Messenger Servce; a couple of Albania singers, Qamil e Vogel and Bugar Qamili; Finley Quaye (I love his guest appearance on Manna's second album); Queens of the Stone Age and Queensryche; the Chilean band, Quilapayun; Queen Lafitah and Queen Ida; Terri Quaye, a Ghanaian percussionist; Paul Young's old band The Q-Tips; and finally Questionmark & the Mysterons of 96 Tears fame. Pathetic.


  1. The only CD I have by a "Q" is the Urban Sax off-shoot Quad Sax. That's it. No more. Not one.
    Can't think of any old vinyl I've got for Q either. Not one. No, nothing.

  2. 96 Tears is prhaps the best psych pop single of all time. pathetic it ain't.

    Oh, and you forgot Quad.

  3. no chance to check collection but i'm sure i have these at home:

    Q-Chastic aka AFX
    Quadrant aka Basic Channel
    Quannum MC's (abstract hiphop project on MoWax)
    Qubism (on em:t, u have it too i think)
    Quench (Funcken brothers monicker)
    Quinoline Yellow (on Skam, IDM electro'ish)
    Quoit (aka Mick Harris)