Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Today is the first day of the Chinese (lunar) new year - which falls on different dates of the Western calendar but always somewhere between 21 Jan and 20 Feb. The first 15 days are known as chunjie or Spring Festival (even though it's the middle of winter), and the first week of that is official public holiday. So I'm off work until next Wednesday. This year is the Year of the Rabbit, which A is very happy about.

We do what every Chinese family does at this time - we eat. Our landlord, Mr Jia and his wife invited us out. We walked through the debris of last night's fireworks to a local restaurant which specialises in food from Jiangsu province. I have difficulty telling regional food apart, which borders on heresy as there are clearly huge differences, but I'll get there. Anyway, it was a great lunch: noodles, dumplings, fatty pork, and a lovely white fish which Mr Jia told me was from Africa of all places. We didn't eat any rabbit.

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  1. Once eat fish by Lake Baikal one of the largest lakes in the world & right in the middle of Asia & it had come from the sea.
    Lots of things going from Africa to China these days, & that's a very big story...........