Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Editors

Not the band, but a posse of UK literary editors here to meet Chinese writers, translators & publishers. Today is the first event in a year-long programme which will culminate in the London Book Fair in 2012 where China will be Market Focus. The main aim is to encourage more Chinese new writing to be translated and published in UK but also to maintain the flow of Brit writing published in China. Very encouraging start with a packed-out forum in the chilly but atmospheric former residence of Soong Chingling, Sun Yat Sen's wife (1915-25). A minor but interesting detail: at coffee break chips were served. The posse travels on to Nanjing and Shanghai.


  1. Chips? Was that a Chinese idea or a British request?
    I do remember re my day trip to China from Hong Kong back in the early 80s it been said that the Chinese didn't think westerners would eat Chinese food & so tried to do burgers etc. thinking that's what they wanted. Mind you, there was a party of Italians at lunch that day who really struggled with the whole concept of Chinese food.

  2. There was fruit and biscuits too, but the chips were a bit odd. Still, I grabbed a few.