Monday, February 28, 2011


So, no big surprises. The King's Speech Best Film with Colin Firth Best Actor, Natalie Portman Best Actress in Black Swan, Toy Story 3 Best Animated Film, The Fighter did well on Supporting Actors and Aaron Sorkin rightly got Best Adapted Screenplay for The Social Network. Amazingly, I've seen all of these apart from The Fighter. Great to see The King's Speech get the big one. Liz & I watched it a couple of weeks ago. Just found out that the opening shots of the speech delivered at 'Wembley' were in fact Elland Road, home of Leeds United and that the terraces were filled with inflatable dummies dressed in period costume. Cheaper than CG?! Interesting that we have another film examining the imperfections of the British monarchy, after The Madness of King George and The Queen...

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