Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This time last year my mum had completely lost her hearing. That's back to normal but normal is a hearing aid and the hearing aid is currently broken, so phone calls are still a little difficult, a bit like charades at times:

M: Are you travelling this month?
D: Yes, I'm off to Chengdu & Chongqing this weekend.
M: Chichester?
D: No, Chengdu... Famous for pandas.
M: Candy?
D: No pandas, you know, black & white bears.
M: Candy? Pears?
D: No, Pandas... P for Patrick, A for Andrew, N for Nick, D for David, A for Andrew...
M: Oh, pandas. And what was the other place?
D: Chongqing. Big city. Used to be the capital in the Second World War...
M: Something about apples?

Etcetera. Still, she was otherwise on fine form. Just about to go out gardening. Walked two miles back from town the other day. Not bad for 84 in a few weeks time.

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