Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A day in a hotel seminar room with the arts team and assorted others, planning our activities for 2011/12. What art forms should we concentrate on? How are we going to find additional sponsorship? Which Tier 2 cities should we focus on? How can we better work with colleagues from our English, Education and Green teams to create more impact? How can we use digital more effectively? How can we work best with HQ in London? How can we keep everyone energized over two days in a medium-sized room? (Answer: eye exercises midway through the afternoon). We’ve gone for a very modestly priced hotel but it’s fine, and the team dinner this evening was cheap & cheerful too, and all the better for it. Had a strange experience with some mapo tofu dusted with spicy peppercorn powder which totally numbed my tongue, like dental anaesthetic.

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