Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince RIP

Blimey. And now, Prince. Almost as shocking as Bowie. What's going on!? 
As with Bowie, I didn't really keep up with his output of the past 20-25 years. For me his career is defined by the eighties: the early Dirty Mind and 1999 albums, 84's massively successful Purple Rain (at one point the album, single and film were all no.1) and later brilliant stuff like 'Kiss' and 'Sign o' the Times'. 
I watched Purple Rain for the first time this evening. Weird film. Despite being the main character, his presence is equivocal, uncertain, even ghostlike throughout. 
But he had it all: could play any instrument, brilliant in the studio, flamboyant, controversial, enigmatic, a true dandy, fantastic live, but above all a great songwriter - both for himself and other artists. I doubt if we shall see the likes of him again.