Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weird Brother

Other than my own, I don't spend much time on the blogosphere. Too much else to do: family, work, books, film, music, exploring Beijing... and I don't even do Facebook. But if there's one site I regularly visit, it's Weird Brother set up and lovingly nurtured by my mate Y Brawd aka Greg somewhere else in East Asia. A veritable cornucopia of weird & wonderful sounds from all over the world, past & present but mainly past. Today's is Haruomi Hosono's Cochin Moon from 1978, released just before he set up Yellow Magic Orchestra. But you will also find, in order of frequency, lots of psych, experimental, electronica and something called 'homespun'. Not to mention German, Japanese and French. Eclectic is the word and Greg has a way with them. Check it out!

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