Monday, January 31, 2011

John Barry RIP

Hats off for JB, soundtrack composer extraordinaire, who died yesterday aged 77. Midnight Cowboy, Born Free, Zulu, Ipcress File, Out of Africa, The Persuadors, Chaplin, Dances With Wolves and of course ten or so James Bond films. Reading the obituaries, I'd forgotten that he didn't actually write the Bond theme - 'just' orchestrated it. I have a Best Of which regularly gets played. It is the epitome of retro-cool. David Arnold put it nicely: "You could be stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 in a Ford Fiesta, but if you're playing a John Barry score, you're in an Aston Martin".

PS. Little known fact? His music for Beat Girl (1960) was the first British soundtrack released on LP.

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  1. Looking at that cover I see he is responsible for The Persuaders: In the streets and alleyways.... preposterous. And you claim not to like Serge Gainsbourg. C'est tres triste, vraiment.

    (He was married to Jane Birkin and treated her like a swine. And you know me and Jane go way back)