Monday, January 17, 2011

Tang Paradise

It snowed during the night - my first experience of the white stuff for 5 years - but turned to slush pretty quickly. Back-to-back meetings with various arts contacts around the city, including a tough but ultimately productive one with Xi'an Art Museum where we'll shortly show our Made in Britain exhibition of contemporary Brit art.

Much of our time was spent in the new Qujiang district in the south - a huge development of creative industries, cultural institutions, shopping malls dressed up in fake city-wall architecture and a Tang Dynasty theme park. Looks like Milton Keynes* meets Disneyland. Currently it covers 30 sq kms - and they're going to double it. In the evening we were invited to dinner at a new restaurant but after half an hour of driving round in circles our driver gave up and our hosts had to come and fetch us.

(* a lazy comparison - MK is hardly new anymore, in fact ancient history compared with Qujiang).

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