Thursday, January 13, 2011

Training waning

Day one of a two-day training course in a nearby hotel. Active Learning Teams, listening skills, peer-to-peer coaching and positive influencing of people. Been there, done that. Dreadful waste of a day, although thankfully I managed to catch up on a lot of stuff this evening. And I suppose we can be thankful that it wasn't one of those outward-bound team-building things - stuck on a tropical island, fashioning rafts with oil drums and string, and traversing shark-infested waters. Tomorrow's sessions are supposed to be very different (from both today's tedium and the latter scenario). They'd better be.


  1. out of bounds sounds much more fun. i hope youll be passing this feedback on to your senior managers.

  2. I gave the lowest scores I've ever given in the inevitable questionnaire, handed it to the trainer and calmly walked out the door without looking back.