Sunday, January 9, 2011

Re-decorating the Duma

Spent the evening sorting out the covers for the re-release of The Decoration of the Duma Continues. (The title, btw, came out of an automatic-writing session Andrew and I did in a pub one liquid afternoon; pretentious? Nous?). I say 'covers' because there'll be a CD and an LP which means working to 5" jewel-case with inserts and 12" straight-forward front & back. That's actually quite a difference - but a nice opportunity. The B&W artwork for the original release back in '87 is in storage in UK so I'm going for a completely new colour design whilst trying to be sympathetic to the title and times. I never thought I'd say this, but actually I like the CD format more than the 12" at the moment. Although smaller, I've got six squares to play with, compared with just two on the LP. But both should work out fine. And no sneak previews here...

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