Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Madame Mao

Unlike last Thursday, today was very much a Chinese day. Sounds obvious - I mean we live in China - but actually there are days when I go to work, speak English and deal with British arts all day, come home, eat Western food, and I might as well be in Britain. But today...

Liz went on a Chinese cooking course in a Hutong somewhere in Dongsi; A went on a school trip to an ice palace north of Beijing; and I went to a small bar-cum-cafe in another hutong to see a fairly obscure comedy made in 1935 called Scenes of City Life. Shanghai was portrayed as glitzy, on-the-make and amazingly western, which it was to a degree. All the women looked like Gloria Swanson and the men like Al Capone's younger brother. But it was fairly unsophisticated and with the weirdest sound effects. Interesting cameo appearance though from Jiang Qing aka Madame Mao.

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