Saturday, March 14, 2015


Fifty-four today, but unconcerned. And it's a Saturday so a nice lazy day at home being pampered and waited on.
One of several presents was a whopper of a guidebook on Mexico City. Called Miscelanea, it's less a guide to the city's museums & tourists sites and more a compendium of the hundreds of quirky shops, cafes and markets that fill the Centro Historico. 766 beautifully designed pages of interesting text, photos & maps. It reminds me a bit of Philip Cornwel-Smith's equally fascinating Very Thai which documented Bangkok culture. Looking forward to tracking down Discos Chowell for 80s & 90s vinyl, Sinfonolas which sells old jukeboxes, Bisuteria Richard for 3D religious photos and Maniquies Gamuzao when next I need a dummy.

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