Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Went to the Teatro Metropolitan this morning, but not to see a play. Instead this rather grand venue is playing host to Mextropoli, a very well-attended 5-day event on architecture and urbanism. This morning Ricky Burdett, a professor at LSE, gave a great talk on global urbanism, covering London, comparisons with Mexico City, transport infrastructure, parks, the Olympic effect and how the green belt stopped London sprawling while Mexico City goes on and on. He got so carried away that at one point forgot who he represented: "So the institution I work for, the London… the London, um, Institution… goodness I've forgotten who I work for… oh yes, the London School of Economics".
I worked with Ricky in 1995 on a touring exhibition, Cities of the Future, which toured several countries. We hadn't met for 20 years. Blimey.  

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