Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fruit & Veg versus Art

An afternoon with our new Taiwanese friends, Grace (who teaches Liz and the girls Chinese), her husband Andy, and later their children Jeffery and Jessie. They have Chinese names of course but they don't use them with us. 
We went to a market in Colonia San Rafael, between where we live and the Centro Historico. In fact it's two markets: a food one full of lovely fresh produce, and an art one. The latter was established in 1955 and every Sunday artists turn up to sell their works. It has 700 members and the rule is that the paintings have to be original, not copies of others. We bought some fruit & veg but passed on the art, before going back to our friends' place for Chinese tea, crackers and candied melon peel. Interesting architecture looking up from their patio. I liked it.

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