Thursday, March 19, 2015

Can Legacy

This evening, I attended a talk & DJ set by Irmin Schmidt of Can, at the Fonoteca Nacional in Coyoacan. The talk was inside but so many people turned up that they also transmitted it onto a screen in the centre's lovely courtyard too. Afterwards, Irmin joined the throng and played tracks from The Lost Tapes. Can never played in Mexico so there was a lot of interest from a very diverse audience, young & old, including a guy wearing a Future Days T-shirt. 
I met Irmin and his manager-wife Hildegard over 30 years ago in France (see this post) so it was funny to see them again after so long. They're here for a Mute Records festival in Guadalajara this weekend (see forthcoming post) but squeezed this event in beforehand. The Can legacy lives on.

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