Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Competing with Wagner

Today, I took part in a press conference for the Festival Cultural de Mayo which will take place 8-31 May. The UK will be 'country of honour', featuring Akram Khan, Aakash Odedra, Gecko, Michael Nyman Band, City of London Sinfonia, Lyr Williams, The Classic Buskers and - an odd one -William Walton's music to Laurence Olivier's Henry V film with added Shakespeare narration on top. So, old and new, traditional and experimental.
The announcement took place in the Teatro Degollado, a gorgeous 19th Century theatre in the centre of Guadalajara. All the events will take place there too. In fact, while we were doing the press conference, the Jalisco Symphony Orchestra was rehearsing inside and it was a struggle to make ourselves heard. "I'd like to tell you about the UK programme in May, but I fear we cannot compete with Wagner", I quipped.

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