Saturday, July 23, 2011


Glorious weather, finally. Picnic on Exmoor where we tried and failed to fly a kite, and from where, amazingly, we could see Wales. Then a visit to Lynmouth & Lynton on the coast, linked by a steep hairpin road and a water-powered cable car dating from 1890. Ingenious bit of engineering. Looked around the small museum which documents the 1952 flood which killed 34 people and destroyed 100 houses - similar to what happened to Bocastle a few years ago, a bit further down the coast in Cornwall.

In the opposite direction is Minehead where Paddy and I were interned in Butlins holiday camp 40 years ago while mum & dad took a short but needed break in Buttercup, our wonderful, yellow dormobile. We must have been supervised or something (I vaguely remember being in a chalet with a few other boys of our age) but, anyway, we didn't like it so I don't think we stayed the course. No offence to Butlins.   

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