Wednesday, July 13, 2011

St Michael's Mount

Fine day out at St Michael's Mount, down the other end of Cornwall. Never been before. Like its bigger cousin on the opposite side of the channel (which I have been to, 40 years ago), it's a few hundred metres off the mainland, reachable via a causeway at low tide. We climbed to the top to look around the castle (in which the St Aubyn family still live), the girls doing a quiz as we did so. Really interesting and well-preserved full of the usual oil paintings, suits of armour and family heraldry, but on a human scale and clinging attractively to the steep rock. Got to say, the National Trust is an amazing institution - one of the really great things about Britain. You can tell I'm well into middle-age... By the time we'd finished our pasties and ice-creams, the tide had come in so we took the boat back. A grand day out.  

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