Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dixon, Guinness and Teak

There are two fields round the corner from grandmum's: one has sheep, the other horses. No prizes fior guessing which one the girls prefer. The girls are now brave enough to feed them handfuls of grass and stroke their heads but, better than that, the owner ambled over with information and their dinner. They're called Dixon (20 yrs old) and Guinness (8). The girls fed them carrots and danced up & down at the excitement of it all.

That wasn't the end of it though. Another local chap came along and asked if we wanted to see his Eagle Owl. So we walked up the hill a bit more and there, in a shed, was his magnificent bird, 10 weeks old but already huge, called Teak. Amazingly large, orange eyes and incredibly sharp claws. The girls were happy to stroke it though. Don't think they'll be seeing many horses or owls in Beijing.   

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