Monday, July 4, 2011

From Beijing to Blighty

11 hours watching films & footie, reading a book and snacking sounds a pretty good alternative to the office, and that's what the Beijing-London flight is essentially. Pretty poor selection of new-release films but did watch Killing Bono which wasn't bad, supplemented by two oldies I'd surprisingly never seen before: Raging Bull (disappointing - don't like boxing and tired of the whole Italian-brothers-growing-up-in-mafiosa-America thing; and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf  (Burton and Taylor in fine form but irredeemably dark and depressing). 11 hours is enough though.

Picked up the car and drove through the west London lo-rise suburbia of unconvincing light industry, pebble-dashed semis, dispiriting parades of shops, innumerable roundabouts, blocked bus lanes, Astras with pumping soundsystems, etcetera. But great to arrive at Kate & Nick's, as welcoming as ever. The girls go straight out into the dusky garden, Nick's been decorating, Kate's just back from giving three piano lessons, Sophie and Emily are in and out, Margaret arrives at midnight from Rome, grandmum arrives tomorrow. The usual energy-infused household.

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