Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mexicans at the Pallant

Great Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's exhibition at Pallant House. A modest show hung in three small rooms and curated from just one collection (Jacques & Natsha Gelman) but really well put-together and featuring  a few iconic works. But the pictures that made the biggest impression on me were three or four photographs by her one-time lover, Nickolas Murray: saturated with colour but at the same time very natural (one right). The Riveras were good too. I was intrigued to read Richard Dorment's review which described Rivera as "hideous". Big for sure, but hideous?! 

There's also an accompanying exhibition of photographs by Manuel & Alvarez Baro. And last year they showed a Leonora Carrington exhibition, the surrealist who lived most of her life in Mexico; in fact I just heard she died just two months ago aged 94. Chichester's lucky to have the Pallant.

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