Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Liskeard locals

Mid-July and it's cold, wet and windy. Still, Liskeard has a surprising amount of interesting, local shops (unlike Bodmin which we went to this morning and which was dire). My favourites are:The Bookshop: small, but right smack in the middle of town, run by a French woman who's lived here 30 years but still has a heavy French accent. Don't know how it survives, but glad it does. Oxfam: great selection of books (Simon Reynolds' Energy Flash for £1.99 thank you very much), CDs and bric-a-brac. There are around 750 Oxfam Shops in the UK, of which over 100 specialise in books & music. Some people say that it's these as much as the internet that are putting independent record retailers out of business. The Newsagents: which has the largest stock of magazines I've seen in any shop. I counted 75 music magazines alone. Warren at Ough's: great butcher, deli and purveyor of fine cheeses. Blakes the Bakers: particularly for gingerbread men and bakewell tarts. And last but not least the Town Library which we've been to almost every day. Good children's books and an internet lifesaver. 

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