Thursday, July 28, 2011


An afternoon in Brighton with the Campbells and a trip down memory lane for me. Whilst the children played in Queens Park I quickly strolled 100 yards up the road to 51 Freshfield Road where I lived 30 years ago, my second year at college. Then it was a large, somewhat tatty corner house with a live-in landlady, the somewhat batty Lady Hill whom I'm sure must have passed away by now. Electricity was metered, Kim and I had the top room, we probably lived on beans. I spent most of that year doing music (Neumusik, MFH and YHR) and very little in the way of studies. It looks a lot nicer now. Anyway, great to see Iain, Shona and family - all well. We envy them their close-knit community. It's a nice neighbourhood. 

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