Monday, July 16, 2012


Sad farewells to Liz and the girls, then off back to Beijing. It's been a nice nearly 4 weeks together, never mind the weather. The next 4 will be hard.
Surprisingly rubbish selection of in-flight films for once but enjoyed a three-and-a-quarter hour documentary about Woody Allen. It occurs to me that I've probably seen more films by him than anyone else. Great writer, decent director, OK actor (well, he just plays himself doesn't he?) and of course - re the Soon Yi thing - a deeply flawed human being. My Top 10 Woody films would have to be (1) Annie Hall, (2) Hannah and Her Sisters, (3) Manhattan, (4) The Purple Rose of Cairo, (5) Radio Days, (6) Crimes and Misdemeanours, (7) Midnight in Paris, (8) Vicky Cristina Barcelona, (9) Husbands and Wives, and (10) Bullets Over Broadway. Oddly, the 'early funny ones' don't figure. I like them but they're just a bit too slapstick. 
The usual: dump stuff at home, shower and into work at lunchtime; the usual rather removed, jetlaggy feeling.

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