Friday, July 13, 2012

Man with Van, Bishop, Mammoth

Our last full day in Chichester - and the busiest. Man with a van (a very big van) came round to empty the garage and take everything away, including Mum's beloved armchair which we couldn't find a home for. That took half the day. We then paid a visit to Bishop Luffa School which, as the crow flies, is 520 metres away, but does not guarantee Alyssa a place should we end up back in Chichester next summer. The array of criteria for admissions to any school these days is bewildering. Anyway, it's a decent school, though it could do with a lick of paint. 
A final meeting with the letting agents, more cleaning (including a concerted effort on the conservatory) and then a break to take the girls to see Ice Age 4. I quite like the first three, not in the same league as Toy Story or Shrek, but quite funny. But this was crap. They've just completely run out of ideas. Extinction beckons.

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