Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tilly and Rod

Today we pottered...My annual visit to The Bookshop to buy my birthday present from Grandmum (Sara Wheeler's Terra Incognita), the library, the bakery for gingerbread men, the Oxfam shop. To Andy's so he could show us Tilly, his new Eagle Owl. She's only 6 weeks old but is huge, nearly 2ft tall. She likes a bit of rock music in her cage: she was bobbing her head to Rod Stewart when we were there. He's also got ferrets, and gets quite a bit of work from farmers with rabbit problems. And if the ferrets don't do the trick, he's always got Tilly. Or Rod. Pump Do You Think I'm Sexy down a burrow and they'd come out with their hands up. Grandmum's looking well, though the constant rain must dampen her spirits...

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