Sunday, July 29, 2012

Einstein A Go-Go

Another slightly bleary day given last night's excesses, but Markus and I managed a stroll in the park and a couple of rides - something called Splash Mountain and a zoom around on a Segway. Great little things and actually fairly easy to get the hang of. I've always been envious of the Beijing Airport security guys as they whip around Departures.
Talking of which, Markus left in the afternoon for Shanghai which left me with the big job of catching up with photo albums. I'm six months behind and am beginning to wonder whether it's worth it. Needed a good three hours to at least get going on it, so decided to listen to the whole of Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach from start to finish. I've probably only done that once before (when I bought it, 30 years ago) and will probably never do it again. Certainly not when the family's around... That said, it remains surprisingly exhilarating.

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