Saturday, July 28, 2012

The World of Suzie Wong

Somehow, four hours sleep was enough. Lovely day, so Markus and I spent a chilled afternoon in 798 (which included a rare duff exhibition at UCCA), a visit to Bookworm, drinks in Sanlitun Village, and then on to The World of Suzie Wong. 
I'm not one for clubs these days but the name was enough to tempt me, having read the book and seen the film years ago (though not the play - and there was even a ballet), and it's practically next door to where we live so no excuses.
There are a few things that put me off clubbing. First, I'm getting a bit old for it, and there's nothing worse than a middle-aged ex-pat oggling the young, beautiful people (who seemed to be a mix of Chinese and willowy Russian models). I'm also not that keen on the music which seems to still be predominantly techno or house and too loud. And of course there's the overpriced drinks. Thankfully Wong's wasn't too bad on all these counts. We didn't look too out of place, the music was OK and we could actually have a conversation. My mate Youdai was DJ-ing unbeknownst to me and he came up to congratulate me on the London Opening Ceremony, which was nice of him though I can't really claim credit for it. And we befriended another (Brit) DJ, so yes, it was a good night. Perhaps I'm not too old for it after all?

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