Monday, July 9, 2012

Buying / Selling

Today was a tale of two homes: one we're trying to sell, the other we're trying to buy. 
This morning we visited our Streatham flat to inspect the damp problem which has frustratingly put viewings on hold. Strange being in there after all these years. We only lived in it for six months, five and a half months of which we knew we'd be moving on, so it never really felt like home. But it looks nice, newly redecorated and with new carpets. Just got to sort out this annoying damp, caused by a loose brick under a gutter. Grrrr.
On then to Chichester to sort out Mum's house. Likewise, the decorating, new carpets and half a new kitchen make it look nice and airy, even modern, compared with how it looked when Mum was around. But there's a lot to be done. The garage is floor-to-ceiling full of stuff, the front and back gardens are jungles, and there's endless crockery and photographs and miscellaneous keepsakes that need sorting out. 
We rescued some mattresses from the garage, got the sleeping bags out and prepared ourselves for what will be a busy week ahead. Strange to be sleeping in Mum's room, now completely bare, but still very much hers.

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