Sunday, February 26, 2012

Perfect Moment

I had a Perfect Moment at about 6:30pm today, which I'll relate in a minute.

It was reading Spalding Grey's Swimming to Cambodia some 25 years ago that alerted me to PMs and I've been in receiving mode ever since. If I remember rightly, Grey's was when he was in Thailand swimming in the tropical, turquoise sea, watching the sun go down over the horizon. Now you could argue that it would be difficult not to have a PM in such circumstances, but PMs are funny things. As someone else put it, "they exist on some ill-defined emotional plane, outside of logic or some conventional notion of happiness". In other words, all the right ingredients have to come together to form the blissful moment.

So, what was my PM?  Well, I was getting dinner ready (a rare occurrence it must be said), the children were running around being really nice to each other, Liz and I were talking about our respective mums, and Ashra's Blackouts was playing at just the right volume... and somehow all these things came together and I felt content and at peace. Aaaaaah...

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  1. Spalding Gray, what a guy. Greatly missed.
    Wish you could get his monologue films on DVD. With directors like Jonathan Demme, Nick Bloomfield & Steven Soderbergh you'd think they would be. It looks as if Soderbergh's documentary about him "And Everything is Going Fine", is also not going to get a release in the UK - it came out in 2010.