Friday, February 24, 2012

Maggie Streep

Another fun-packed 12-hour day in the office, so nice to slump on the sofa with Liz at the end of the day to watch Meryl Streep slip into Margaret Thatcher's psyche in Iron Lady. It is a brilliant, eerie performance: the voice, the mannerisms, the put-downs, the hair, and the descent into senility, she's got it all off-pat. Is it revisionist? I don't think so. It certainly didn't make me think more warmly of her, more the opposite really. The cabinet room scene which sealed her fate was astonishing. Did she really say all that stuff?!  Oddly enough, the film had its world premiere (albeit a semi-private one) here in Beijing last November, with Streep in attendance. Not sure what the Chinese make of Maggie. I guess it's all a very long time ago now.

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