Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The clichéd ex-pat diplomatic event: a classical music recital at the Ambassador's residence. And it was a delight - partly because I didn't have to organize it, but principally because it was just so good. The musicians - Roman Simovic (violin), Gareth Davies (flute) and John Alley (Piano) - were from the London Symphony Orchestra, tonight's sponsors' soirée preceding two nights at the NCPA. So we got a bit of Fauré and Richard Rodney Bennett, but the highlight was Simovic playing Paganini: possibly the fastest and (if you'll excuse the pun) fiddliest piece of violin music I've ever heard performed. So a nice evening, not a Ferrero Rocher in sight, and Liz and I got a rare dinner out afterwards.

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  1. We were kinda hoping for ferrero rocher, but that's austerity measures I guess. Glad you enjoyed it.