Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Art of Science

Forgot to say, went to the Science Museum yesterday with friends. It's near the Olympic Stadium and is suitably olympic in size. Science museums the world over seem to be geared specifically for children (as opposed to art museums which are for adults). It was choc-a-bloc full of them, rushing from one button-pushing experience to another. About half of these worked which is about average I think. Still, there was some good 'interactive' stuff, including a moon walk simulator which our kids loved. But I'm not sure how much I really learnt. Maybe it's not about learning these days, maybe it's just / all about the 'experience'. Actually, the best gallery for me was the (somewhat pompously titled) Glory of China permanent exhibition: where one could learn all about - or experience - China's great inventions over its 5,000 year history: silk farming, porcelain, paper, gunpowder, kites, movable type, compass, seismographs, water clocks, the great ships of the 13th century, tea, etc. Impressive.

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