Monday, February 27, 2012

Cragg & Bausch

Phew! Both Tony Cragg and his exhibition now in Beijing. Popped into the museum this morning to see the start of the installation, heavy-lifting gear everywhere, and so far so good. John McCormack, the chief technician, and his team have barred Tony from being there until they get it sorted, which he accepts with good grace. Funnily enough, his daughter lives in Beijing: she's working for the German architectural practice GMP, they who designed the new-look National Museum and myriad other projects. And of course Tony himself has been based in Wuppertal for over 30 years. We talked about Pina Bausch, who put Wuppertal on the map so-to-speak. They were friends, although strangely it wasn't until immediately after her death that 'they worked together': Wim Wenders' 3D film was partly shot in Tony's sculpture park.  I sometimes wonder if we're presenting a British or a German artist...  

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