Monday, October 3, 2011

Wall without Wheelchair

A day out at the Great Wall - Mutianyu section - driven by the unflappable Harry, who also helped me push mum-in-wheelchair from car to ticket office but stopped short of taking it all the way up. Gorgeous weather, so half of Beijing came out with us too, but never mind, it was bearable. We took the cable car up and walked a small section. Half wondered whether mum would be interested in tobogganing down but thought better of it. Anyway, I think she was impressed, but a relief to escape the crowds and steps as we adjourned for lunch at the Schoolhouse down in the village. Funny place: all very American with lots of talk about 'sustainability'... including glass-blowing complete with shop full of garish, multi-coloured vases and whatnots. There's no history of glass-blowing in the village so they bring them in from another province. 

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