Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Decoration of the Duma Reissued

The Pump re-issue campaign continues. Our first preposterously named LP, The Decoration of the Duma Continues, which originally came out in September 1987, gets a re-release on the delightfully named Forced Nostalgia label through Boomkat. It actually came out last month but I finally got my box load of vinyl today. Yes, vinyl. A CD version will follow but for now I'm delighted to be holding a 12" gatefold (thanks Fre!) sleeve with a lovely slab of vinyl tucked in. Pleased with the design and photography; it's come out pretty well.

Listened to it at home this evening. They've done a good job on the re-mastering. As for the music... well, I still really like a good half of it: Dance Without Music, A Veiled Woman, Drop, Brinkmanship, Raft - basically the instrumentals. The vocal tracks are perhaps less succesful (were we trying to be Joy Division?). But overall, it still holds up well. For a well-informed Boomkat review, a sample of tracks and to buy, see here! And more at Forced Nostalgia too.

The re-release has prompted a few interesting posts and reminiscences. There's one about seeing us supporting Danielle Dax. I like this one: 
"I saw her live in London in, ooh, must have been late 1987, and she was really boring. The support band, called Pump, were far better (and I’ve recently digitised their LP The Decoration of the Duma Continues, too).
Pump were AWFUL - didn't they eventually become the junior manson slags..?
I have no idea whether Pump became the Junior Manson Slags. I don’t know anything about the latter, other than the name. Pump was two blokes called Andrew Cox and David Elliott, and that’s all I know, so if anyone can shed any information on them, I’d be interested to hear. As I say, I’m quite partial to Pump, so it’s a matter of taste.

And this, reacting to a metal band, apparently of the same name:
The Pump that I know and love, of 'The Decoration of the Duma Continues' cult legend, are very different to this bunch of poodle-haired guitar-phallicising circle-jerkers that now have their ridiculous photo in my library.

Quite right, sir. Imposters!


  1. haha @ poodle-haired guitar-phallicising circle-jerkers.
    enjoy the elpee david!
    more to come...

  2. ps. the album can be streamed in full at bandcamp: