Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A sleepless night for mum but she seems no worse for wear. Off to Beijing Planning Museum late morning which, apart from the ubiquitous massive city model, was underwhelming. Lots of empty spaces and hardly any visitors which was odd for a public holiday. Even the '4D' film was disappointing: the seats moved about a bit but it was short and the remaining 3 dimensions weren't. However, fabulous lunch at Capital M, a stroll around Qiamen and then off to see a late matinee performance by the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobats. It's mainly for tourists, a bit cheesey, the costumes & music are naff and the theatre looks a bit worse for wear... but all that aside it's undeniably impressive. Amazing ball-juggling with feet, ballet pointe on a partner's head, jumping through hoops, how many girls can you fit on a bicycle, motorbikes roaring round inside a globe-shaped cage etc. Incredible really.

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