Monday, October 17, 2011

Brit Musicians in Residence

Imogen Heap
The first of four British musicians, chosen from around 40 applicants, arrived in China today for the start of a residency programme we're organizing with PRS For Music Foundation. Welsh folk multi-instrumentalist Gareth Bonello arrived in Chengdu today, while Grammy-winning singer Imogen Heap arrives in Hangzhou tomorrow. Jamie Woon (dubstep singer & producer) and Matthew Bourne (experimental composer-pianist) will come to Xi'an and Xiamen at a later date.

Gareth Bonello

Each musician will spend about six weeks meeting and working with local musicians, reacting to their new surroundings and writing new material. We've deliberately chosen Tier 2 cities and four very different musicians. And the plan is that the new music will be performed publicly in China and hopefully the UK in 2012. Fingers crossed they settle in and everything works out as planned. See more here.


  1. whatever you do, don't mention to Gareth that his rather good album Tethered For the Storm (available on WB pop pickers) sounds like nick drake. it does, but he doesn't like to be reminded.