Sunday, October 30, 2011

How's about that then?

This was the sight that greeting us on opening the curtains this morning. Fog or haze or pollution or whatever you want to call it, so thick you could feel it. So, a day spent largely inside.

Now then, now then, guys & gals, as it happens Jimmy Savile died yesterday, two days short of his 85th birthday.
What a character: teenage coal-miner, wrestler, 'Britain's first DJ', Top of the Pops' first (and last) presenter, Mr Fixit, ghastly tracksuits, gaudy gold jewellery, weird hair, big cigars, clunk click, charity-man, drove a Roller, but lived in a caravan (or am I making that up?). Anyway, TV won't see the likes of him again. But even Jim couldn't have fixed today's weather.

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  1. A friend once designed a kitchen for him, his only request was that the table should be coffin shaped, apart from that she could do what she wanted.................