Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pottering around with Harry

By a stroke of good fortune, my boss has a wheelchair. She's not disabled, just happens to have one at home. So we're borrowing it for the week. Luckily, mum's not too proud. Her ankle gets swollen and it's going to come in handy. We've also hired a car & driver called Harry. So off we go to Houhai, Gulou and Jingshan Park for the afternoon. It's crowded but bearable - the best bit being the park, watching the oldies sing, play music and dance. We're used to people looking at us, or rather the girls, but my mum - white haired and sitting in a wheelchair with some cool sunglasses borrowed from Liz - puts us centre-stage. At one gathering, a lady came up to mum and pressed a Communist badge into her palm. Perhaps they think she's a one-time Hollywood star?

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