Sunday, September 6, 2015

Stephen Fry in Mexico

This evening we all watched the first episode of ITV's Stephen Fry in Central America. First stop Mexico, from the Texan border to Belize via Chihuahua, Copper Canyon, Real de Cartorce, Teotihuacan, Mexico City, Michoacán and Acapulco. All in 45 minutes flat.

All good stuff. Fry squeezes in peyote tasting (though not by him), the axolotls of Xochimilco (which is as weird as it sounds), the amazing butterflies of Michoacán ("the only multi-generational migration phenomenon in the world" which he was tempted to turn into a song), a cameo appearance in a soap opera, witnessing a demo on Reforma about the Missing 43, and a rather overdone bit on the divers of Acapulco. 
Not quite up to Michael Palin, but I look forward to the rest.

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