Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do, Flex, Test

This evening we launched a book - Do, Flex, Test - about designer-makers. That's people who design stuff and make it. To quote The Economist: "As manufacturing goes digital, a third great change is gathering pace. It will allow things to be made economically in much smaller numbers, more flexibility and with a much lower input of labour, thanks to new materials, completely new processes such as 3D printing, easy-to-use robots and new collaborative manufacturing processes available onlne. The wheel is almost coming full circle, turning away from mass manufacturing and towards much more individualized production".
The book is about the design-maker links between Britain and Mexico, written by curator/writer Regina Pozo, published by Buro-Buro and launched this evening on the rooftop of the Laboratorio para la Ciudad (a kind of civic think tank). The Lab was given an office in a non-descript city government building, but they've got tired of that and taken over the rooftop, planted stuff and turned it into a funky terrace-cum-workspace.

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