Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Following Tania Hershman and Paul McVeigh's visit last June, we've invited another pair of short story writers to Mexico - Tom Lee and Joanna Walsh. They did a talk with Mexican writers this evening which I couldn't go to, but joined them afterwards for dinner in Condesa. Also dining was a Mexican writer with the strange, non-Mexican sounding surname of Jonguitud (and a more prosaic forename, Paulette) and her actor husband. She's just had her first short story, Mildew, published in English. Her husband starred in Henry IV Part I in London three years ago, part of the impressive all-37-plays-from-different-countries festival at Shakespeare's Globe. Another writer Pablo Soler Frost joined us too. He writes his novels with a pen and doesn't have a phone. Interesting evening.   

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