Saturday, September 5, 2015

Museo Tamayo

Gorgeous day, so cycled en famille to the Museo Tamayo to check out a couple of exhibitions, both group shows. 
The Museographic Essays no.2: From the Modern to the Contemporary is the second in a series of interpretations of the museum's own collection, most of which was donated by the museum's founder, artist Rufino Tamayo. So there's your Picassos, Magrittes, Rothkos and Noguchis with the more recent Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Simon Starling and Wolfgang Tillmans. Nice enough, but I didn't quite follow the curatorial thread, A thought there was too much blank space and not enough art and N's scholarly comment was "I could do that!"
Better was Overlaps: Latin American Art in Mexican Collections. Aside from Roberto Matta (Chilean, but spent most of his life associated with the Surrealist movement in Paris), I'd not heard of any of them. But it was a vibrant, refreshing collection of works. Picture on left shows Argentinian Rogelio Polesello's Reticula (1968) as seen through his Circulos Concavos (1975).
Nice museum, cafe and shop and in an equally nice setting.

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