Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hugo Largo

At a party at Michael Nyman's house this evening, I got chatting to a visiting photographer called Adam Peacock. As we talked, it turned out that back in the 80s he'd lived in New York and had been in a band - the token Brit in Hugo Largo. I told him I'd seen them in a basement club there around '87 or '88 which kind of surprised him. They were great, really unusual. Two bass guitarists, a violinist and a whacky singer in Mimi Goese; no drums or keyboards. He'd had hair then. Their first album was produced by Michael Stipe. I still have their second, Mettle. It had a really weird cover (left), designed by Dave Coppenhall and Russell Mills. When I got home I spent a very enjoyable half hour revisiting them on YouTube. 
Small world...

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