Saturday, April 13, 2013

Three Shadows

Sam, Annette & Zoe left this morning. It's been nice having them stay. Meanwhile I attended the opening of the 5th Three Shadows Photography Award out in Caochangdi. Beautiful day with cherry blossom everywhere and everyone gathered outside for the opening ceremony. 
We'd invited Brett Rogers, Director of the Photographers Gallery in London, to join the jury. Brett and I go way back when she was a colleague in Arts Dept. Nice to see her again. 
There were 504 entries, whittled down to 28 by the time the jury had to decide the winner, who turned out to be Li Jun, a guy of few words and whose shots of minimal dusty interiors were equally minimal and, on the face of it, a bit boring... until Brett told me that it was of the photographer's own home which he hadn't cleaned for a year. That's the thing with art: the story behind the work is sometimes more interesting than the work itself. 
I preferred Chan Kai Chun's portraits of overworked students (left) and Chen Xiaoxuan's study of the last living Chinese women who'd had their feet bound. 

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