Friday, April 26, 2013

Making Light of the Matter

Last day in London. Walked across Waterloo Bridge to the Hayward Gallery to see this spring's hot ticket, The Light Show, just in time before it closes this weekend. 
It's good. I mean kind of obvious, a bit of a crowd pleaser, and why not?  I really like Antony McCall's You and I, Horizontal (right) which felt almost solid, Olaffur Eliasson's equally solid-looking water fountains (achieved by strobes), Conrad Shawcross's Slow Arc Inside a Cube, and Lee Villareal's Cylinder II - the first thing you see on entering the exhibition. Others were rather less impressive, mainly the older artists strangely, including James Turrell's underwhelming Wedgework V (I've seen much better from him) and the ones involving florescent tubes. There's a Chinese museum interested in the exhibition. Let's see.
Then back across the river for last minute shopping before catching the tube out to Heathrow and the flight home. As always, a packed, interesting trip, and all too short.

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