Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taoering Heights

Headed east to Huashan, one of Taoism's five sacred mountains (there are four sacred Buddhist peaks too but that's another story). You can do the 5hr hike up from the bottom but we took the cable car as once you reach the top it turns out there's not one summit, but five, with stiff hikes between each one. 
Once upon a time it used to be the lair of hermits but now of course it's full of tourists with all the creature comforts that go along with that: paths along knife-edged ridges, impressively carved out steps which seem to ascend into the heavens, toilets, cafes... even hostels where you can stay the night and then watch the sun rise. 
That said, it's still wild and you have to watch your step. Naomi gave me the heebie-jeebies. There's one amazing section - which we didn't actually get to, thank god - which is a series of narrow wooden planks and a chain, both somehow attached to a vertical rock face. I think you're clipped onto the chain, but someone told me that's quite recent. And people inch across it. No thank you...

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